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Tenant Application

I want to rent, to become a tenant. What should I ask?

What money do I need to find at the beginning?

4 weeks rent + deposit (equivalent to 4 weeks rent) must be paid before taking up occupation. We charge you £30 + VAT for the inventory (which is deducted from the above deposit). Deposit may be held against arrears of rent and/or damage, replacement, repair charges etc.

What infor ation will i need to supply?

You will be asked to complete a tenant application form with some personal details. Also required will be be 2 written character references to confirm your ability to meet the rental commitment and help inform us and our client of your suitability as a tenant. These could include employer, previous landlord, solicitor or accountant or other person of standing in the community. Where necessary, we will sometimes require a Guarantor (e.g. If a student letting or under 25 or unemployed or where the landlord so instructs))

What is a Tenancy Agreement?

It is a legally binding document between you (no matter how many) and the landlord, applicable to you and the property you are renting, the states 'inter alia' the amount of rent, the length of the tenancy, your rights and responsibilities. Your Agreement will most probably be for six months and thereafter month to month. Please note that all tenants are joint and severally liable for all conditions within the Agreement. This means that each one of you can be called upon to pay all outstanding rent, interest, cost of repair etc.

How long does it all take?

Normally about two working days depending on how quickly you supply the required information and money and how soon the agent can obtain the landlords confirmation to proceed with the letting.

What else do I have to pay for?

The tenant will also be responsible for the utility bills such as water (if billed), gas, electricity, telephone and T.V. Licence during the course of the tenancy applicable to the property. Please note that all utilities will have to be transferred into the tenant's name upon taking up occupation of the rented property. Please note that there may be a deposit charged to set up some utility bills.

What happens if I want to stay on or leave early?

All agreements are for six months and thereafter month to month until terminated by not less than four weeks notice in writing given by either party. Tenants abiding by the covenants within the lease i.e. paying rent on time and looking after the property are welcome to continue their tenancy subject to to the landlord permitting this continuation. If you leave before the end of the term you will remain responsible for the rent and other responsibilities within your agreement until the end of term agreed, unless a new replacement tenant can be found who is acceptable to the Landlord.

What must I do at the end of the tenancy?

Ensure you fulfil your obligations stated in the Tenancy Agreement to leave the property in property condition or deductions will be made from your deposit and you may be called upon to recompense the Landlord any further cost of putting the premises in proper condition. This will include thorough cleaning of the entire property. If you've moved furniture, return it to where you found it at the time of the inventory.

Furniture / Contents / Condition

If you have any questions regarding furniture / contents / condition please ensure you discuss your needs with our office when handing in application form, and not wit hour viewing clerk. We can only act on the Landlord's instructions.

Please Note

If you are not from an E.U. country, we will require written evidence from all the signatories to the tenancy agreement that you are permitted to remain within the UK for at least the initial 6 month tenancy term.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask one of our representatives who will be glad to assist.

To fill out or view our application form, follow the link below.

Application Form